Hey Guy, Ola here again, doing stuff. This past weekend I did seasonal photo shoot through my new company called Ola Studios | NYC. As you can tell, the NYC denotes that there will be more locations to come. If that was your guess, then you guessed correctly. I was also very privileged to work […]


Shut Up + Dance With Me.

Yesterday I filmed a spontaneous, impromptu video based on a song i couldn’t get out of my head. Fortunately, i had friends willing to make a fool of themselves on camera. I called them up and with nothing but an idea and a song, we filmed. I had a general idea of what I wanted and I only had about a half hour to shoot and 45 minutes to edit. So with all that i need you to SHUT UP + DANCE WITH ME.

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Earlier this month, I went into production for my first self-produced short film. I hired actors and started filming. This wasn’t the first short film i’ve done, or even participated in, but it was the first that solely depended on my decisions as a director. It was a fun time. Here’s the poster.

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Misfit Random Minute

Last night, I got a chance to meet with my family, after a month of separation. We got together, we sang, we danced, we had fun. Most importantly, we welcomed a couple more people into the family. It was a great time.

Here’s some video highlights. 

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Studio Shoot (UPDATED)

UPDATE!! Here guys, Just in case you haven’t seen the pictures, here they are: GALLERY Hey Guy, Ola here again, doing stuff. This past weekend I had a busy schedule. From friday to sunday, in 48 hours, i had 4 different shoots, in 3 different cities. This is the first of the four. I had the opportunity […]

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Birthday Surprise

So one of my best friends wasn’t able to be with me for my birthday, so she calls me up, and schedules a day for us to go out. She wouldn’t tell me the details but advises me to dress warm and to bring my camera. I instantly got excited. We met up at Bryant […]

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